Hidden Paradise

27. 6. 2019 •no record fish or victory in any hectic fishing race will ever compensate for the moment when you can fish freely, perceive nature around you and more, share the pleasure with your friends.

Come here, my little one

27. 6. 2019 •The next few moments can’t be described, not even partly. We couldn’t speak. I sat in the mud, and tears were streaming from my eyes. I hugged my girlfriend and my dog and tried to realize the meaning of this happy moment. A few moments of a feeling that I might never experience again.

Strike and run!

27. 6. 2019 •Canals have become my new carp fishing destination. The longer I collected information about the canals, the more I realized that a new book from the carp’s world opened up for me. There are only a few anglers who like these type of waters, and only a minority of them purposely catches trophy carps in these waters.

Romantics in Carinthia

27. 6. 2019 •The Carinthian Lakes surrounded by mountains look so romantic. Just like all of Southern Austria.

Hungarian Sea – Balaton

26. 6. 2019 •A picturesque little pond caress my heart and brings me appease, a great river causes me an unrestrained vigor feeling along with sense of infinity and excitement. Huge reservoirs fill me with immense respect and mystery. Balaton is really a huge challenge for any angler.g

Starák – at sunrise Czech Republic

26. 6. 2019 •There are places where you keep coming back. The old lake or the old Elbe arm near my home is one of those places.

My Everything – fishing with family

26. 6. 2019 •Time flies and fishing was always for me an important meaning of my life path. I would divide it in two parts, before the children and after the children. Today I have a totally different way of looking at things and at fishing. I don’t have big goals, record captures and other fishing thoughts leave me almost cold. Everyone, should fish wherever he likes, whatever fish he desires, but always with respect to nature. Only a moment is enough to be on the bank with them and to see how they return a desired capture, which we are long hours afterwards talking about.

Fishology/Baitology – my second passion

26. 6. 2019 •I graduated from a fishing school in Třeboň, but the story is not over. I'm returning to fisheries every day.

Street Hunter Prague II

26. 6. 2019 •Lukas Krasa and Rostislav Masopust will take you through the center of Prague. Their way STREET HUNTER is full of emotions and fishing adventures!